Mission-critical reliability

3D Printer Technology designed the DAF3D to be adaptable both in function and form. We have used several disposable sub-assemblies that effectively make the DAF3D a modular device that can be upgraded to improve functionality and capacity.

Most machines here on Earth can be serviced reasonably easily but, with the mission critical nature of the DAF3D, there is simply no room for temperamental componentry. The device must remain in full, reliable service for the entire duration of the mission in which it is deployed.

The DAF3D aboard the ISS has continued to operate at full capacity without incident for 3 years.

Materially relevant

One wouldn't construct a heat shield from the same material used for a ballpoint biro so the DAF3D is designed to use a wide array of materials to reproduce items using the most appropriate materials for the task they've been designed to perform. From high tensile strength lynch pins to radiation shielding, the DAF3D ensures that the items needed can be produced from any number of space-grade constituents.


3D Printer Technology is able to produce our terrestrially-deployed DAF3D unit on a made-to-order basis depending upon customer requirements. Lead time from initiation to completion varies according to the dynamics of the environment in which the unit will operate but we ask customers to allow a minimum of 90 days.

Units intended for orbital deployment require a minimum of 6 months lead time.