On-world applications

The overwhelming majority of additive manufacturing systems built today are conceived with operation in clean, stable environments firmly in mind but these environments are often located far from the operational situations where the equipment they produce is needed.

Oil rig platforms, submersibles, the driest deserts, mountain climbing expeditions, mining operations and remote research outposts are just some of the inhospitable locations in which possessing the ability to manufacture tools, parts or other essential items in situ can make a vast difference particularly if time (or the lack of it) is a critical factor.

3d printer making very complex sphere

A whole new approach to support logistics

3D Printer Technology's Deployable Additive Fabrication 3D printer (DAF3D) manufacturing device represents the embodiment of tireless, relentless research and endeavor focused on providing missions with the ability to produce parts and tools on-demand without relying on the expensive and time-consuming logistics chain typically associated with conventionally-staged support operations.

DAF3D can use a broad range of materials that includes aviation-grade polymers and composites. The unit's power requirements are significantly lower than those used in the existing crop of commercially-available machines but it boasts similar production capabilities while occupying far less space making it a very compelling choice for mobilization in conditions and environments unsuited to supporting the operation of conventional additive manufacturing systems.