3d printers with precision accuracy

Conceived on earth, constructed in space

3D Printer Technology is a manufacturing and fabrication pioneer pushing the boundaries of what human ingenuity can achieve. We are primarily concerned with how the unique characteristics of space can enable new and exciting solutions to industrial, research, defense and construction problems that challenge innovators on Earth. We envision a future in which living and working in space is "normal".

Enabling fresh approaches to new and old problems

3D Printer Technology is principally concerned with how the distinctive characteristics of space's environment – microgravity, hard vacuum and absolute zero temperatures – can be leveraged to enable new solutions to new and old problems for both scientific and commercial purposes.

By producing and constructing structures in orbit, rather than on the ground, it's possible to unlock and explore extraordinary design potential for prolonging the life of existing assets in orbit and beyond.

3d printers making the most complex parts with ease